Specific Stations: 4333 (Ottawa)

This is the temperature and precipitation graphs for Station 4333 Ottawa.

Note that it is doing what the other stations in Southern Ontario are doing. Cooling summers and not as cold winters. Typical Narrowing.

This is the number of days above 30C:

Cleary dropping. Almost half the number of days above 30C than in the 1920’s. Notice the relative stability since the end of the 1940s.

This is the number of days below -20C:

Cleary dropping. Fewer real cold days. Half the number of days below -20C. Good for your heating bills!

This is the number of days below zero:

Cleary dropping. The growing season is 30 days longer than it was in the early 1900s. Good for our gardens.

This is the precipitation data for this station:

There is a slight increase in rain, and a slight decrease in show. This makes sense with half the days below zero as those early spring and late fall days would rain now. However, the total precipitation is not beyond what has happened in the past, a cycle.

About J. Richard Wakefield

J. Richard Wakefield has published three fiction novels, Blinding White Flash, Blinding White Flash Invasion and The Barn. The sequel to The Barn, The Cunningham Arrests, is going to the publisher in 2015. He was a firefighter for 22 years in Toronto, and a professional computer programmer for 25 years. He lives with his wife, Dorothy, in Southwestern Ontario.
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