Perth, Au 1944-2010

Monthly TMax range regardless of year.  Lines are from top down, highest TMax, average TMax and lowest of TMax

Yearly TMax regardless of month.

Notice the increase from 1944 to 1980. but flat after.  Thus 40 years TMax hasen’t changed.  It is well understood that from 1945 to 1975 world average temperature dropped, which is seen in this data.  But after 1980 temp is expected to go up, here it didn’t.  Without data going back to 1900 all we can say is since 1944, there is a general trend all of which in the first 40 years.  We have no idea if any trend now was hotter or colder before 1944.

Number of days above 39.9C regardless of month.

No over all trend.

The next 12 graphs are the monthly TMax:

Northam is a staton (‘010111’)  73 km away from Perth and has data from 1908 onwards.  This is the TMax pr year regardless of month:

2007 had a record high year (record lowest in 1992 at “only” 40C), but over all there is no trend, thus no increase in TMax.

About J. Richard Wakefield

J. Richard Wakefield has published three fiction novels, Blinding White Flash, Blinding White Flash Invasion and The Barn. The sequel to The Barn, The Cunningham Arrests, is going to the publisher in 2015. He was a firefighter for 22 years in Toronto, and a professional computer programmer for 25 years. He lives with his wife, Dorothy, in Southwestern Ontario.
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