New Delhi, 1973-2010

Yearly TMax

The trend from 1980 is definitely flat over all.   2010 has a definite spike, highest in the range, but there is a however.

Summer TMax range, highest, lowest, average and standrd deviations for years 1973-2009.  Thick black line is 2010.

Notice that spike wasa one off day emerging above the previous years’ highest TMax.  But not a month and a half later, 2010 also spiked below the lowest to have one of the coolest days.  Over all 2010 was above the average.

Count of days over 43C.

About J. Richard Wakefield

J. Richard Wakefield has published three fiction novels, Blinding White Flash, Blinding White Flash Invasion and The Barn. The sequel to The Barn, The Cunningham Arrests, is going to the publisher in 2015. He was a firefighter for 22 years in Toronto, and a professional computer programmer for 25 years. He lives with his wife, Dorothy, in Southwestern Ontario.
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