Ottawa (Station 4333) March 2012’s Heatwave spike

2012 stands out as a major record breaking year.  But why?  Did our CO2 do it?  It was only 11 days out of the year.  But which days?

It was in March.

The top red line is the TMax for every day of the year regardless of the year, excluding 2012.  The bottom blue line is the lowest TMin reached regardless of the year, excluding 2012.  The orange lines are the standard deviations excluding 2012.  The middle line is the TMean excluding 2012.

The black line is TMax for 2012.  Notice for most of the year, Tmax for 2012 was well within normal parameters, except for March.  March of 2012 was a tropical heat wave.  Let’s look at it in detail.

Looks like a warm front from the Gulf of Mexico gave southern Ontario a warm reprieve from winter.  Is this evidence of global warming from our emissions of CO2?  Did it happen throughout Canada?  We will see.