Ottawa (Station 4333) Record Highs

Record breaking highs is almost always blamed on global warming. How can there be so many record breaking days in the last few years if the planet isnt warming?

Record breaking days has nothing to do with global warming, and everything to do with accounting. The very first days, some 100 years ago, records were being measured every day was a record breaker. As the years passed, the number of record breaking days at any one location dropped off in a decay curve. With new stations since then, you would see somewhere a new record broken.

This is simply because there hasn’t been enough time in years to have passed to fill in all the possible temperatures that can happen. It would take some 3000 years to fill them all to the point where there would be no more possible records to be broken.

Adding to that, the records being broken today are LOWER, not as hot, as records in the past, including in some cases, the very early years of record keeping.

Below are graphs from every month with the record breaking temps for every day, with the year that still holds that record.


One day Nov 26th will have a record breaking day not seen since 1908.  It will only be a degree over than prior record.  It will be heralded as proof the planet is getting hotter.  Yet it will still be the lowest record breaker for that month.

You will also notice that the summer month record years are still very old.  That makes sense since the Summer TMax has been falling.  You will also see that the winter record breakers are dominated by recent years, the so called AGW years.  That would make sense with Winter TMin increasing.