Table of Contents

How stations will be presented
Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
Why Mean Temp is meaningless
Simulating Random Variation
Does the temperature profile follow a normalized curve?
Canadian Temperatures
—-Specific Stations
——–Ottawa (Station 4333)
————–TAvg, TMax & TMin
————–Hot Days above 30C
————–Growing Season
————–Summer Temperature Curve
————–Record Breaking Days
————–Records Years Still Held
————–March 2012’s Heatwave spike
————–2015 Hottest ever?

—-Heat Waves
——–Canadian Heat Waves Part 1
——–Canadian Heat Waves Part 2
——–Canadian Heat Waves Part 3
——–Canadian Heat Waves Part 4
——–Canadian Heat Waves Part 4B
——–Canadian Heat Waves Part 4C
——–Canadian Heat Waves Part 4D
——–Canadian Heat Waves Part 4E
—-Southern Ontario
—-Central Canada Trends
—-Canadian Summer Trends
—-What Can We Expect for Summer 2010?
—-Southern Ontario April Heat Wave
—-The summer of 2010, the “hottest” on record — NOT!
—-Record “hot” days out number record “cold” days
—-Anomalies Revisted
—-Time Frame Perils

Canadian Precipitation
—-Summer Seasonal Precipitation Trends
—-Spring Seasonal Precipitation Trends
—-Precipitation Trends for All Canada

Global Temperatures
—-Other Parts of the World Also getting Less Cold
—-2003 Paris Heat Wave
—-Cairo, 1975-2010
—-Darwin Jan TMax
—-Honolulu 1940-2010

—-Moscow, 1949-2010
—-New Delhi, 1973-2010
—-Nirobi 1973-2010

—-Perth, Au 1944-2010
—-Tokyo 1946-2010

Science Paper Reviews:
—-2000 paper on Canadian Surface Temps
—-Observed long-term trends for agroclimatic conditions in Canada

Replies to Challenges to this Site
—-Exposing the faithful’s double standard
—-The AGW Faithful take on CdnSurfaceTemps

Other Items
—-The Glass Half Full
—-Simulating Random Variation
—-More Heat Waves Expected
—-CLearn’s Misrepresentations
—-No Acceleration in Sea Level Rise.
—-Major Error in EC Arctic Temp Data?
—-A Climate of Belief
—-A Critical Review of Global Surface Temperature Data Products
—-Temperature Trends at Different Latitudes
—-Long-term temperature readings disprove man-made global warming
—-Example of misuse of data
—-Record “hot” days out number record “cold” days

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