Ottawa (Station 4333) TMax, TMin, TMean

This is the mean temperature for Ottawa.  Notice it has been increasing since 1945 after being flat beforehand.

Proof the planet is getting hotter?  Nope.  Let’s see exactly what is changing to give the increase of the mean.

This is TMax for each year.  This is the hottest temperature recorded for the year.

Notice the hottest temperatures have been falling consistently.  There hasnt been one year that matched the highest recorded in 1921 of 37.8C.

This begs the question, how does increasing CO2, which is supposed to make the planet hotter, also make the hottest days of the year become less hot?

So if TMax is falling what is making TMean increase?  It’s TMin, the winter’s coldest temperature.  It’s been rising faster than the rate of TMax has been falling.

This means that Ottawa has not been getting hotter, it’s been getting less cold.  The lowest ever recorded as in 1933 at a bone chilling -38.9C.  Since 2000 the coldest it been was -30.9C.  Still damn cold, but 8C difference from the coldest.

And this is bad how?

So this means the swing between summer and winter temps has been narrowing.  As shown in this graph of the difference between the summer 10 year moving average and the winter 10 year moving average.

Imagine our heating bills today if we got as cold as we did in the 1930’s?  This “global warming” is saving us money.